Relationship issues

Humans learn and grow through relationships. We need to feel loved and valued in order to thrive. Our relationships with significant others are very different to the relationships we have with friends and work colleagues. There are reasons why we notice and feel attracted to a particular person. And also why that one person can “push your buttons” like no-one else.

​Each individual in a couple has developed a template for relationships, influenced by a complex range of factors in their personal history. These dynamics are not always clear to the couple so therapy can shed some light on the hidden terrain and help the couple navigate their unique relationship landscape. Relationship issues come in a number of different forms. You may be struggling to relate to your partner, children or to a family member. Most long-term couples will at some point experience periods of conflict, anger, mistrust or a break down in communication. When communication breaks down couples may experience feelings of resentment, repeated arguments and loss of intimacy and sex life.

​The role of the therapist is to observe the dynamic and bring to attention what appears to be happening. The therapist is not there to judge or assign “blame” to either individual. Instead the couple are supported to explore and reflect on their relationship, and examine what does or doesn’t contribute to a healthy dynamic.

​Some couples will decide that they need to separate. Others may decide that there is potential for change and growth in their relationship and will continue to work on what is difficult. Even if the decision is to separate, therapy can help the couple grieve for their relationship and work towards a healthy separation. This is particularly important if there are children to be considered.

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