In a society of super complexity, change is the new normal. People seek life change counseling when they reach a “natural” crossroad. Changes we all encounter might include:

  • getting married
  • having children
  • buying a house
  • choosing a school or university
  • career choice
  • new employment opportunities
  • divorce
  • second marriage
  • what to do in retirement
  • death of loved ones

​Major life changes often lead to stress, and stress often leads to agitation or angry outbursts. Stress also causes unhappiness and, if left unresolved, can have serious health consequences. In situations of significant life change, counseling can help you contain your stress and find perspective. It may also be able to help you develop a stress and life event plan to help you work toward the future that you desire and want for yourself.​

​​Whatever your stage of life, speaking with an experienced counselor can help bring perspective in an otherwise confusing transition.

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