Grief & Loss

Endings can take many forms and evoke a sense of grief or bereavement. Grief is different for everyone, and grief is a powerful overwhelming emotion that can hit you when you least expect it – in a supermarket, putting the washing out. When you have felt that you are all cried out – it floods back in waves and certain things can trigger it.

​Endings may be the physical death of a loved one or the end of anything that has been an important part of our lives: the end of a career, a disability which restricts our life, leaving a dearly loved home, or the end of a relationship. Grief can also be experienced over the being made redundant or retiring. It is not uncommon to find depression among senior citizens over the lack of purpose that work has given them. Although they may have planned for their retirement – grief can come like an unexpected neighbor.

​Culturally, Western society doesn’t deal well with endings. Many bereaved clients report feeling very isolated as they struggle to come to terms with their loss.

​Bereavement is a serious issue and deserves to be taken seriously.

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