Depression is more than “feeling low.” And no matter what anyone may say, it’s not something that you can just “snap out of.” It’s likely to have been brewing for some time and you’ll be aware you have been struggling to keep afloat for a while. You may be:

  • Feeling slow
  • Lacking motivation or energy
  • Constantly close to tears/unable to stop crying
  • Experiencing disturbed sleep patterns, either too much or too little
  • Noticing a loss of appetite or an insatiable one
  • Finding your thoughts hard to organize
  • In physical pain at times
  • Literally feeling uncomfortable in your own skin

​There are many reasons why people become depressed and it is important to discover the factors which underpin your particular experience.You also need to understand that you are not weak or a failure. In fact depression often afflicts people considered to be “strong” by others: always meeting life’s challenges head-on, never saying “no” and constantly pushing themselves.

​Depression should not be ignored. When a person is depressed he/she can isolate self and lose interest in things he/she uses to engage in, loses concentration and inability to communicate with close friends or relatives. Sometimes the person can drink too much or become addicted to other forms of behavior e.g. gambling to control it or to make it disappear. Dealing with the illness sooner rather than later can improve recovery. You may also need some medical support to help you make the most of your therapy.

If you feel you identify with any of the above it is important to get professional support as soon as possible. Contact a therapist by email: or book now your session.