Addictions are extremely common and often result due to ongoing stress, a significant loss, trauma and/or underlying mental health issues.

Addictions can include:

  • Substance use (alcohol & illicit drugs)
  • Gambling
  • Internet
  • Gaming
  • Steroid use
  • Pornography
  • Smoking
  • Food
  • Work
  • Social media
  • Shopping

These can all provide a short term stress release, an escape or even something to look forward to aside from ‘the daily grind’.
All of these behaviors have the ability to impact much more than our physical and mental health.

They can isolate us from loved ones, affect our relationships, financial situations, careers, education and often progressively make our mental health worse.a

If you think you may have an addiction or are worried about someone who does, I encourage you to find help.

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